Britney Asks Fans to Remix Her Songs

March 25, 2009 By:
Britney Asks Fans to Remix Her Songs

We all love a good remix. And Britney Spears songs are among the best to remix! And Britney knows it!

That’s why she’s giving her fans the chance of a lifetime. Brit announced on her website this morning that she wants her fans to start submitting remixes of their favorite tracks from her current album Circus.

The entry named “Circus Remix Contest” reads: is launching the official Britney Spears Circus remix contest today. If you have a favorite track on Circus that you'd like to remix, get creative and record your remixes, then upload the MP3s into the drop box below. The best will be featured right here on the site for all to hear. The competition ends April 24 at 12pm PST.

If you need inspiration, check out the official 'Circus' remixes on iTunes.

How exciting! This is a huge opportunity for anyone who loves a good remix, or knows how to create a great mashup! The possibilities are endless! So get crackin’ remixers!