Britney Gets Honored In Germany

November 25, 2008 By:
Britney Gets Honored In Germany

The Germans love Britney Spears so much, they're honored her just for her being sane again.

Spears is getting the Bambi award for Best International Pop Star awarded by the Hubert Burda Media Group this coming Thursday because they're impressed with her comeback.

Event host Hubert Burda says, "Britney Spears is back. Radiant and better than ever, the erstwhile teenie (sic) idol has reclaimed her throne."

Another official adds, "Her stunning comeback from an absolute low point impressed all of us."

After she's presented with the award she's going to put on a private performance. They probably figured it was the only way they could get her to fly there for a gig. Either way, we have to agree with the Germans, she's been looking quite fabulous lately. Lets just see if she can still perform like the old Britney!