Britney Hates Being An ATM

July 21, 2008 By:
Britney Hates Being An ATM

As you may have already heard, Britney Spears is working on a new album. She’s been hitting the studio and working with writers to get some awesome material for her upcoming album.

The Mirror reports that one of the songs on the album is titled “ATM” and it’s safe she feels a bit used by the people close to her.

ATM has a line that where Britney sings: “Hey Mama, I know it’s my cash you seek.”

So is she talking about her mom Lynne? Didn’t they make up already?

It doesn’t end there! Another line Britney sings, “You know they treat me like an ATM, but y'all know that I’m too good for ‘em.”

It’s safe to say Britney has a lot of built up aggression and she’s releasing it through her music.