Britney Spears and Lady Gaga to Work Together?

June 7, 2011 By:

Britney Spears is desperate to work with Lady Gaga but Gaga doesn’t seem to be interested.

Before Gaga ever had a disco stick or a love affair with Judas, she wrote three songs for Spears.

Gaga wrote two bonus tracks for Spear’s “Circus” album and Gaga originally wrote the song “Telephone” for Britney, but was rejected by Spears, so Gaga released the song on her own album. I can’t even imagine how much Britney probably regrets that decision.

“Beyonce is featured on that song!? Whose idea was it to pass on this!? This will drive me to madness! Again!”

Now that Gaga has achieved Oprah-like fame, Britney really wants to work with Gaga. “Britney is desperate to work with her again. She is very aware that GaGa is a big threat to her in terms of her longevity in music,” reveals one insider.

Britney is scared that artists like Gaga and Katy Perry are going to end what little influence she still has in the pop music scene.

So is that why Britney collaborated on the Rihanna “S&M” track? Good plan. Just keep working with artists more famous than you, and nobody will remember that you are borderline cray cray.

Unfortunately for Spears, sources close to Gaga claims, “there has been no indication that a collaboration will ever happen.”

Keep at it Britney. I think the collective ears of pop music enthusiasts would literally explode if Britney and Gaga worked on a song together. I can already see my Facebook newsfeed blowing up, “Omigod, new Gaga/Britney song! I die!”