Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj Take Stage Together at Femme Fatale Tour

June 21, 2011 By:
Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj Take Stage Together at Femme Fatale Tour

Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour has been underway for several days now and appearing to very mixed reviews. I mean, I’m a huge Britney fan, but I know better than to spend money to listen to the Femme Fatale album played in an amphitheater while someone who used to be Britney Spears struggles to remember the choreography that looks more like sign language than actual dancing.

Thank goodness Britney has an opener like Nicki Minaj. That pint sized crazy person has more stage presence in her ass than Britney does on a good night.

The two took the stage together for the show’s grand finale of “Till the World Ends.” Normally the two do not perform together at all during the show, so the audience roared with applause when Nicki stepped onstage to rap. The two didn’t even have to do anything more than stand side by side to get the audience to go nuts.

It’s a surprise that the two shared the stage despite rumors that they’ve had beef with one another backstage. A “trusted source” says “Britney is upset that Nicki kept running over [her allotted] time. In Sacramento she was over about 10 minutes. But [on Saturday night in San Jose] Nicki went over by nearly 45 minutes.”

Something tells me, the audience probably didn’t complain.

Allegedly, Britney and her dancers stopped by Minaj’s dressing room looking “like they were going to do something.” I guess Britney wanted to have a dance-off? Crew versus crew, let’s take this to the dance floor kind-of-thing?

Neither camp has confirmed whether any tension exists, until then the two will be headlining all over North American until the middle of August.