Britney Spears Recruits Mario Lopez as Her Back-Up Dancer

November 7, 2012 By:
Britney Spears Recruits Mario Lopez as Her Back-Up Dancer

Yeah, suggesting someone be your back-up dancer because “it’s Britney, bitch” looks like a put-down, but in this case it really wasn’t. Not even the kind we prefer from Hollywood—indeterminate, off-hand, passive aggressive comments so vague they’re wide enough for you to drive an entire entertainment blog through.

Here’s just another classic example of two current TV faces establishing a professional rapport for the cameras to prove to us all they’re not in fact the invasive robots we suspect them to be, but humans with senses of humor. Personality, even!

When asked about a potential Britney performance on The X Factor as the show reaches a conclusion, Mario Lopez preferred to speak in the hypothetical sense rather than confirm anything.

“If she performs she should do it with that big snake that she did with the MTV Video Music Awards,” Mario said to Extra, referencing that yellow python she had wrapped around her during her “I’m a Slave 4 U” performance. He even threw himself in with the wild, suggesting, “I'll be one of her back-up dancers.”

BritBrit totally agrees. “I think Mario would be a great backup dancer,” the 30-year-old added, wearing her future cougar status proudly by imagining, “Maybe he could have like a rip away and then have a thong underneath. That would be really cool.”

Sure, that would be really cool, and an image we can now never ever delete from memory. Of course, Mario would probably never appear on the show in a man thong—instead reserving this move for the Sliding Doors narrative of his career where he pursued a career as a Chippendales dancer instead of actor (though to be fair, how different is a male revue stripper from A.C. Slater? Answer: a mullet).

Head honcho judge and talking white t-shirt Simon Cowell did tell Hollyscoop that he was "going to push as much as possible for her to do something on the finale," adding that he thinks she'll most likely go with the flow of what he has planned for the future. Can't say the same for Mario.