Britney Spears Turns 30! A Look Back at Her Life

December 2, 2011 By:
Britney Spears Turns 30! A Look Back at Her Life

Britney Spears turns 30 today and in honor of this milestone let's take a look back at what Britney Spears was doing each year since she exploded on the scene .

17th Birthday: A month after Britney's 17th birthday she released the album "Baby One More Time," she's wearing Catholic School girl outfits and claiming to stay a "virgin until marriage" LOL.

18th Birthday: Britney goes on her first headlining tour, has infamous Rolling Stone stone cover, still insists she "not a slut girl, not yet a woman" or something like that.

19th Birthday: Britney Spears is dating Justin Timberlake, performs at the VMA's in infamous nude body suit, cranks out Pepsi commercials. This is the "hot Britney" phase you remember.

20th Birthday: Releases her third album, "Britney."Dances with a python, does something I think is acting in that movie "Crossroads."

21st Birthday: Britney breaks up with Justin Timberlake, causes him to "cry me a river." Britney locks lips with Christina Aguilera and Madonna. Still widely regarded as "hot."

22nd Birthday: Britney releases "In The Zone," a month later she marries rando Jason Allen Alexander in Vegas and annuls the marriage 55 hours later. This is the just the beginning of Britney's "WTF" phase.

23rd Birthday: Britney is married to Kevin Federline! She releases her first fragrance! Kevin and Britney appear on the their reality show, "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic." This is her Coffee Bean, Ugg boot, bad weave phase.

24th Birthday: Britney has a kid now, Sean Preston Federline. She drives with her baby in her lap! She no longer does Kabbalah, sorry Madonna.

25th Birthday: Britney has another kid now, Jayden James Federline. Britney files for divorce from Kevin Federline. Britney goes to rehab for one day! Shaves her head! Goes back to rehab! Hangs out with Paris Hilton!

26th Birthday: Britney Spears looses custody of her kids, somehow manages to release her fifth studio album "Blackout." Britney starts dating paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Has infamous "xanax haze" VMA performance.

27th Birthday: Britney is in and out of psych wards and put under the conservatorship of her father. Yet again, still manages to crank out another album, "Circus." Britney's dad has a restraining order put on on ex-boyfriend Galib and Britney's former manager Sam Lufti.

28th Birthday: Britney is now dating Jason Trawick, she goes on "Circus" tour. Still kind of crazy, but not totally. Flashing vagina while getting out of cars only occasionally.

29th Birthday: Britney appears on "Glee," duets on "S&M" with Rihanna. Arguably regarded as semi-normal and on her way to releasing "Femme Fatale."

30th Birthday: That's today! Britney wraps up Femme Fatale tour. Might get engaged soon? Throwing free shows in Mexico! Britney is back on top, y'all!