Britney Spears in's New "Scream and Shout" Music Video

November 29, 2012 By:
Britney Spears in's New

The video for’s new single, “Scream and Shout” featuring Britney Spears, premiered on the “X Factor” last night and as predicted Britney steals the show. Barely.

“Scream and Shout” features not just one, or two, or three times three carbon copies of the singer, but an I-don’t-know-I-just-lost-count number of the singer and her clones swaying and throwing her arms up across the screen. It’s Britney, bitch.

But that’s all it. All to see here. That’s everything that happens in the video. Britney looking hot. You’d think that having director Ben Mor behind the lens it’d be a little more narrative driven a la Katy Perry’s “Part of Me,” but no. The end.

Much anticipated (let’s be real, mostly to see if Britney would comatosely dance her way through it or not), “Scream and Shout” isn’t anything too special, unless you exclusively consider anything Britney says/does/blinks to be exponentially special.

Aside from the Army of Britney Spears, the track itself from is, for a club banger, a bit of sleepwalker. Operating under the same M.O. as Rihanna’s now semi-infamous (though not exactly shocking) creative direction for her music—“It’s gotta be tweet, retweet, trending topic!”— seems to be more interested in catch phrases, memes, and mimicking the PSYoutube equation.

Maybe after a few heavy remixes from It DJs of the moment, “Scream and Shout” could get some circulation on the Dance/Club charts, but otherwise as is it’s pretty formulaic. For something called “Scream and Shout,” it sounds uncharacteristically unenthusiastic.