FYI: Countdown to Britney Spears' New Single, Ed Sheeran Joins 'The Voice'

August 20, 2013 By:
Only at the MTV VMAs does magic happen. Not only is an exclusive Daft Punk performance going down, Justin Timberlake is bringing his boys back together. That’s right, 'N Sync will be reuniting for this year’s awards show. (Stereotude)
C’mon guys quit it, says Lady Gaga to her fans, or something along those lines. Mama Monster is urging all the little ones to stop picking on Perez Hilton, i.e. stop sending him death threats. (Idolator)
Singer/Rapper Plan B called it quits early when opening for Eminem at Slane Castle. The crowd just wasn’t hardcore enough. (NME)

Tears for Fears is back, we didn’t think we’d be saying that ever (not after their 2004 reunion anyway), with plans for a new album and a teaser track. The duo just released a cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start,” it’s pretty good. (Consequence of Sound)
In case you were holding your breath for a new release from Britney Spears, she has made things easier for you. Go to her website and check out the countdown clock, now you can count every hour, minute and second till something called “All Eyes On Me” drops. Joy. (Billboard)
While its legitimacy is still somewhat in question, there is a new Guns N’ Roses track kicking around the Internet. If you really want to hear it, there is probably still some time left before the man takes it down. (SPIN)
Who’s going to open the VMAs, you ask? Who else but Lady Gaga, she will perform her latest single “Applause,” which is fitting considering the amount of applause she is going to get. (MTV)
Miley Cyrus is already claiming little astronaut statues for herself. During an interview with MTV news, Cyrus licked one of the awards as a way of marking her territory. You know the rules, her germs. (MTV)
In case you’re not keeping up with "The Voice" during the off-season, Christina Aguilera will return with a new team advisor. Ed Sheeran will be joining the singer/songwriter/coach during the show’s “Battle Rounds.” (Huffington Post)
Kanye West confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he will be appearing on Kris Jenner’s terrible talk show "Kris." He is going to be discussing what he always discusses: himself. (Rolling Stone)