Madonna Plans High-Energy Dance Routine With Britney

January 5, 2009 By:
Madonna Plans High-Energy Dance Routine With Britney

It looks like the

rumors might in fact be true, and we will be seeing Madonna take the stage to join Britney Spears on her upcoming tour!

Ever since Britney shared the stage with Madonna on her Sticky & Sweet tour on her LA stop, she’s wanted her to return the favor.

Brit allegedly just hired Madonna’s choreographer Jaime King, who, according to the Daily Mirror, has been asked to “create an out-of-this world dance routine” for the two queens of pop.

A source tells Britain's Daily Mail, "When Britney joined Madonna on stage for her Sticky + Sweet tour it was very sedate. "This is going to be a high-energy dance routine - getting back to what they are both good at: Performing."

No dates have been revealed as to when Madonna will share the stage with Brit, but we’re hoping it’s an LA stop again! Is that too much to ask?! Just the fact that Madonna and Britney will be on the same stage again will sell tickets. We think this is a win-win situation for both artists.