Madonna to Join Britney on Tour?

March 4, 2009 By:
Madonna to Join Britney on Tour?

Britney Spears kicked off her much anticipated Circus tour last night in New Orleans, Louisiana. We all expected her to get amazing reviews, but it seems like the big shots didn’t think the Britster really delivered.

Many were disappointed at the fact that she barely engaged the crowd. The only time she actually spoke to the crowd was when she said, "Thank you New Orleans for coming out tonight, I love you."

Other than that is was Britney basically lip-synching while her dancers were dancing around her.

Well, there are some rumors going around that Madonna might be joining Spears on some of her tour dates. And you know when there’s Madonna, there’s a lot of excitement and interaction.

A source says, "The rumor going around is that Madonna is going to join Brit onstage for at least two tour dates.
"And that would be totally fierce."

Let’s hope Madge decides to join Spears during the Los Angeles show!