Simon Cowell is "Definitely Talking" to Britney About X-Factor Gig

March 1, 2012 By:

It’s been confirmed by a source that Simon Cowell is “definitely talking” to Britney Spears about being a judge on the X-Factor. Did you hear me? I said they were “definitely talking!” Not texting, not tweeting, and not spreading rumors thru the mill that will definitely turn up to be not true!

Louis Walsh, who is a judge on the UK version of X Factor revealed that Simon has basically got Britney Spears on lockdown.

“I was out with Simon Cowell during the week, he’s in London. You know like you do and I know he is talking to Britney. He’s definitely talking to Britney to do his American show. Absolutely true!”

Great, it’s been confirmed! By a man named Louis Walsh, who I’m still not really sure who that is. Regardless, alert the X-Factor, start making the giant yellow star for Britney’s dressing room that says “B.Spears – Princess of Pop!”

This story is getting more exciting because Janet Jackson just politely declined her involvement on The X Factor.

Janet’s name was buzzing about the rumor mill, but Jackson told, “I’m flattered that ‘X-Factor’ let me know that I was being considered for next season, but it just wouldn’t be possible.”

Also, Britney’s apparently putting her wedding on hold because she’s being sued by her former manager Sam Lufti, so maybe she’s not actually being sued but putting the wedding on hold so she can work on The X Factor? Eh? Eh?

Ok, Britney is still going to court, but at the end of the day, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears are “definitely talking” and we know this because a British man told us so.