Sneak Peek at Britney' "Till The World Ends" Video

March 18, 2011 By:
Sneak Peek at Britney'

Britney Spears is on fire lately. She just recently released her video for "Hold it Against Me" and she's already back on set filming her next video "Till the World Ends".

Brit shared a photo of herself on set via her Twitter page when she tweeted, “Day 1 of the #TTWE Videoshoot. Just wrapped my first big dance number. Taking a well deserved break people!”

Seated on a director's chair, Brit appeared to be channeling a raunchy rock chick complete with a studded leather jacket, fingerless gloves and ripped tights--and of course those hideous Uggs she insists on wearing all the time.

She's totally pretending not to look at the camera so it's like someone caught her in the moment. LOL.

“Till the World Ends” was written by Ke$ha, Dr Luke, Max Martin, and Billboard. The video is being directed by Ray Kay.

Meanwhile, check out Brit's Good Morning America concert teaser below...