Will.i.am Records Single with Britney Spears and Shakira

January 30, 2012 By:
Will.i.am Records Single with Britney Spears and Shakira

Will.i.am is really going overboard with “collaboration” tracks. After the bizarre collaboration between will.i.am, Jennifer Lopez, and strangely enough Mick Jagger on “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)” he’s announced that he’s got a celeb packed solo project coming out, and one of the songs will feature Britney Spears and Shakira.

According to will.i.am, “Me and Shakira have been trying to finish the stuff we started, and me and Britney is really crazy.”

I don’t know if he is talking about the music he is creating with Britney is “really crazy” or if Britney is just really crazy. Either way…true.

Will.i.am’s new album is packed with musical guest spots. Discussing the project, will.i.am said, “I have a song with Alicia Keys, me, Alicia and [house music group] Swedish House Mafia.”

Again, weird groups of collaborations. It’s like he’s just pulling names out of a hat at this point. He’s also got a song with LMFAO and Dutch pop star Eva Simmons, and another with Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beatz.

“So we got a song with me, LMFAO and Eva Simons. A song with me and Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beatz. I got a whole other bunch of collaborations,” admits will.i.am.

Like I said, just pulling names out of a hat.

Will.i.am’s new album is called “#willpower” and don’t forget to add the hashtag whenever you talk about it.

“#willpower is just a reminder to myself of staying (a) contestant with the dream – keeping the dream alive. It was all a dream when I was 15 years old – 20 years later I managed to take the dream from an idea to physicality. So #willpower is uplifting songs, encouragement for those that need it” says will.i.am