Bruce Springsteen's Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Suffers a Stroke

June 13, 2011 By:
Bruce Springsteen's Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Suffers a Stroke

The longtime saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Clarence Clemons suffered a stroke at his home in Florida on Sunday.

Clemons also plays that totally awesome saxophone solo on Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”

The famous sax player was well enough to play on America Idol season finale with Gaga recently, but unfortunately he had to pull out of the NBA finals last week where he was supposed to play the National Anthem.

Hoping to wish him well, Lady Gaga took to twitter to say, “Little monsters, my very close friend +musician on The Edge of Glory, Clarence Clemons is very sick. Can we all make some get well videos?”

Sadly, Clemons has undergone several health problems this year. He has had both knees replaced and undergone spinal fusion surgery.

According to a Springsteen fan site,, Clemons, 69, has so far undergone two brain surgeries at a hospital in Florida but is described as being “responsive and in a stable condition.”

A source close to the musician says, “He was paralyzed on his left side, but now he’s squeezing with his left hand.”

Clemons has worked with the E street bands for over 40 years, and aside from Gaga he was collaborated with such artists as Ringo Starr, Aretha Franklin, Joe Cocker and Roy Orbison.

Let’s all do as Gaga says and hope that Clemons has a swift recovery.