Calvin Harris "Found Love" with Rihanna, Now He Needs Love with Ellie Goulding

October 5, 2012 By:

Ellie Goulding is on the brink of her sophomore album release, Halcyon this Tuesday, on October 9, but the focus may shift in due time to her featured vocals on Calvin Harris’ next single.

The UK singer-songwriter lends her sweetly gritty voice to the electro-heavy sounds of the Scottish house-mixer that’s taking Calvin from finding love with Rihanna to just simply needing it now with Ellie. Right out the gate, the bouncy “I Need Your Love” is quintessential Calvin: super listenable with simple lyrics and sparkly beats that’ll work your way into your head (and feet) in no time.

It’s a free-spirited dance track that has one mission and one mission only, as articulated in Ellie’s easy-to-memorize hook:

“I need your love, I need your time

When everything’s wrong, you make it right

I feel so high, I come alive

I need to be free with you tonight”

Clearly Ellie, whose lyrics tend to be darker and more personal (seriously, just listen really, really hard to “Lights” again), isn’t anti an unapologetically straight up dance jam. Perhaps from getting cozy with her DJ boyfriend Skrillex, though this song is opposite his brand of polarizing dubstep.

The electronic feel-good single will appear on Calvin’s soon to be released album 18 Months. It’s the third studio album and is hitting a record shelf near you on October 29.

End your Friday work day properly and listen to it here: