Are DJs the New Rockstars of Our Generation?

June 19, 2014 By:
Are DJs the New Rockstars of Our Generation?
Image By: Michael Tullberg

To answer our own question, YES. They are. DJs are the rockstars of our time—here's why:


Money: The highest-paid DJs are worth well over one million dollars. According to Forbes, Calvin Harris is the world's highest-paid DJ. He rakes in six figures nightly, playing at hotspots in Vegas to Ibiza.  


Touring: DJs are booked to play shows all around the world. Some spend more time on tour than at home, flying between counties and continents. A large part of their lives is spent in airports and hotel rooms.


Groupies: Fans THROW themselves on DJs. Groupies will do anything to get backstage and eventually into the beds of DJs. Take a look at the Twitter mentions of DJs like Borgore. Ew.



Personal Lives: With all the touring, partying and groupies, DJs' lives can be a wreck. They don't get to spend much time with their families and friends. Married DJs have it even harder, and many find it difficult to stay faithful to their loved ones back home.


Drugs/Alcohol: Every time a DJ plays a show, the promoter throws bottles and drink tickets at them. For someone who enjoys drinking, it's hard to say no. This leads to excessive drinking and partying, even drugs. When your workplace is literally a nightclub, how can it not?


This is the life some people choose. It sounds glamorous and fun, but it's not right for everyone. So take a long thought before you choose to pursue this career. It's not all fun and games…