Carrie Underwood Kisses 12-Year-Old Fan on the Lips

September 24, 2012 By:

Most people’s memories of their first kiss aren’t exactly stellar. Well, not this guy’s!

During a Louisville, Kentucky stop on her 55-city Blown Away tour this weekend, superstar Carrie Underwood spotted a boy in the crowd who put together a homemade sign that declaratively asked, “Will you be my first kiss?”

That’s when Carrie gave her answer louder and clearer than any love song the country powerhouse could sing.

She swept the twelve-year-old kid, who’s name is Chase, up onto the stage…and kissed him. Bet someone became real popular real fast at school today.

In the video, Carrie reveals her first kiss was at fourteen and that even her husband the professional ice hockey player Mike Fisher was in the arena. But that doesn’t stop the budding Cassanova when Carrie asks him, “How we going to do this?” Without missing a beat, Chase answers, “Lip to lip.” After cheers from the crowd and some hearty laughter from Carrie, that’s when she tells him to “close his eyes” before making his on-the-edge-of-being-a-teenage dreams comes true.

Anyway, just watch the video here to see the cute little episode and Chase’s once in a lifetime moment in action: