Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler Pair Up For Superbowl Concert

January 20, 2012 By:
Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler Pair Up For Superbowl Concert

The Superbowl concert festivities keep getting better and better.

In the weirdest pairing since pizza and ranch dip, Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood will team up for a duet on CMT Crossroads: Steven Tyler & Carrie Underwood Live From the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam.

Other than that the tongue twister they are passing off as a concert title, how do Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler have anything musically in common? Uh, they don’t.

Because of their ties to American Idol and strange appeal to women between the ages of 49 and 51 and also people who like wavy hair, it apparently makes sense to have the aging Aerosmith rocker and the country starlet do a duet together. Just go with it.

This performance will air ahead of the Superbowl on Saturday February 4.

Surprisingly, the two teamed up together last year during the Academy of Country Music Awards and their performance of “Undo It” and “Walk This Way” was apparently the highlight of the night. Probably because country fans had previously never heard of Aerosmith and were like “It’s that lady from American Idol…and that other older lady from American Idol.”

Hopefully this duo can bring the heat at the pre Super Bowl Festivities.

This is the second time they’ve done a special Superbowl version of CMT Crossroads, a show that normally combines country artists with music legends. For example, CMT Crossroads brings together artists like The Pretenders with Faith Hill or John Mayer with Keith Urban, or the weirdest one yet, Def Leppard and Taylor Swift. Well, I guess Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood isn’t that bizarre at all.