Carrie Underwood Gets Revenge!

June 23, 2008 By:
Carrie Underwood Gets Revenge!

Carrie Underwood
has made it very clear that she is not a fan of cheating men. She thinks that the best way to get back at an ex is by becoming more successful.

That’s kind of odd considering that her hit song “Before He Cheats” is all about getting revenge on the guy who cheated.

She says: "Cheating is a deal breaker. If you cheat, you're gone. Getting revenge on a guy is just not worth it to me. I mean, it definitely sucks at the time, but obviously you're not supposed to be with that person.

"The best revenge I can think of is becoming famous."

Any revenge is good revenge when getting back at an ex. Everyone has his or her own tactics but being successful is definitely the best revenge