Carrie Underwood Nervous About Super Bowl Performance

February 5, 2010 By:
Carrie Underwood Nervous About Super Bowl Performance

Even superstars get nervous sometimes! Carrie Underwood will be performing the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl on Sunday, and she says she definitely has pre-game jitters. Now imagine how the players must feel!

Carrie told CMT Insider, "I am going to be extremely nervous. If I look like I am about to get sick on the field, I may at any moment during that song."

She continued to USA Today, saying, "Of course you know the words. But if you're going to mess up, that'd be the time, right?"

One thing Carrie won’t discuss if who she is rooting for on Sunday. "I don't want the other team's fans to hate me forever," she explained. "I am just there to have fun."

And you’ll never guess what this former Idol winner’s favorite song of the moment is—“Pants on the Ground!” The song was performed by Idol auditioner General Larry Platt on the show a few weeks back, and it is now blowing up!

Carrie said, "As a songwriter I know we all aspire to write something that is catchy and has a message," she said. "And I think the youth of America can learn a lot from Pants on the Ground. And they can pull their pants up... because it causes all kinds of back problems. I've seen the studies."

We wish Carrie the best of luck on her performance! She’ll be great as always!