See Carrie Underwood's Stunning New Album Cover Art

March 6, 2012 By:
See Carrie Underwood's Stunning New Album Cover Art

Carrie Underwood channels her best Faith Hill impression on the cover of her new album “Blown Away.”

I’m “Blown Away” by how much former American Idol alum Carrie Underwood looks like the Queen of Country Music, Faith Hill. Album title pun intended.

Regardless of who Underwood looks like on the cover, she looks ah-mah-zing! Ok, one last thing…is Carrie Underwood Jolie-ing? C’mon that leg, that slit? She’s totally “Angelina Jolie-ing at the Oscars” amiright? Right.

How does she get in such great shape?

Her trainer Tony Greco says, “the eating is key, and she does it well. When she’s touring, she gets stuff at the local fresh store rather than eat stuff off the bus.”

As for hitting the gym, Underwood tones up with balance boards and resistance bands at least three times a week and does circuit training with weights ranging from 5-30 pounds.

She looks great, blah blah blah, her new album “Blown Away” is out on May 1. This is her fourth studio album since releasing “Some Hearts” in 2005. So far she’s released one single “Good Girl” from the album, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard’s digital country songs chart.

While the first single is called “Good Girl,” she hinted to Entertainment Weekly earlier in the year that the rest of the songs are “darker.”

“I have always been a fan of songs that have attitude, but the ones I’m talking about have a darker storyline. It seemed to be what the album wanted, so I decided to roll with it.”

Can we expect the sequel to “Before He Cheats?” Fingers crossed!