Catchy New Song of the Morning: Taylor Swift In Deep "Trouble"

October 9, 2012 By:

Tick-tock, the countdown to the country-pop crossover takeover that is Taylor Swift’s next studio album can’t be slowed down. Less than two weeks away the album drops and this morning, Taylor gave fans another single from the LP titled “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

She appeared on “Good Morning America” via pre-recorded video (she’s currently in Paris shooting the “Begin Again” video) to preview the latest clip, announcing it while wearing a (you guessed it) RED cardigan over a white skirt dress with RED floral print and bold RED lipstick. Oh, hi, did you know the album is titled Red?

Just when you were getting all cozy with this predictable and color coordinated campaign from Team Tay Tay, thinking you’d be getting a wistful “Begin Again” or the eponymous “Red,” she cuts us with a country-pop-say whaaaaaaat?!-dubstep number.

The dark “I Knew You Were Trouble” is pretty much exactly like any teenage girl’s diary…set on fire—super schizo and all over the place and inconsistent and hormonal—but in a weird, bizarre way that sounds more like a Sia single than Ms. Swift, it somehow works.

It’s definitely the most surprising of the trio which starts with bouncy pop verse (“Once upon a time…” doesn’t get more quintessentially pop) that builds to a swaying b-section until it climaxes with a—surprise!— warbly dubstep-lite bass line drop. Yeah. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. Taylor Swift just served you some dub step.

Like a house falling on your head, the cute mainstream pop star (along with Miley’s upcoming dubstep music video for Borgore) probably just killed the once gritty and underground genre for good (whatever that means), but it’s equally interesting to see someone like Taylor experimenting with her sound.

What do you think? Disappointed she’s moving further from her strictly country sensibilities? Or open to a more chaotic album of genres? Listen to “I Knew You Were Trouble” above.