Cee Lo Green Announces Vegas Residency Gig

July 25, 2011 By:
Cee Lo Green Announces Vegas Residency Gig

Cee Lo Green is going to begin a residency in Las Vegas in a show he’s calling “Lo-Berace.”

Say what!? I mean, I like Cee Lo, he’s a cool guy with even cooler music, but Cee Lo Green getting a residency before Beyonce, before Madonna, before Gaga even is blasphemous.

Cee Lo Green talked about his intent for a Vegas residency show during an appearance on the Today Show last week. He says the show will be inspired by pianist Liberace, whom Cee Lo once dressed up as for his music video for “I Want You (Hold on to Love).

He says, “Lo-Berace it is. I wanted to do something refreshing for this generation. I don’t think anyone from my generation has gotten the opportunity to do something monumental like that. So I’d like to do something exceptional and I feel like the way I feel about myself and the way my career is going, it makes sense.”

Geez, you do one season of “The Voice” and the guy thinks he's the next Elton John.

He will become the first hip hop act to front his own Vegas show, Vegas residence concerts are usually reserved for Diva’s like Cher and Celine Dion.

He did not give any further details on where or when this residency will take place. However, if his residency is at like, Excalibur, I say it doesn’t count.