Cee Lo Green "Anyway" Music Video

November 28, 2011 By:
Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green just debuted another music video, this time for his new song “Anyway” off his upcoming Platinum Edition re-release of The Lady Killer.

It’s a simple video. Some intense looking chicks in leotards are booty bopping in the background while Cee Lo hangs out amongst the ladies like some kind of pimp daddy. However, the song itself is a ridiculous, Cee Lo lists all his faults while some chick continues to “love him anyways.”

The lyrics boast, “You mother seems to love me, but your father wants to fight me, but you still love me anyways.” Also, “I only see you every now and then and I’m on the road again, but you still love me anyway,” but my favorite is, “I know I’m stingy with my money, and it’s hard to get some from me, but you still love me anyway.”

For starters: Cee Lo Gree is kind of a d-ck. Secondly, who is this girl and why is she sticking around?

“Whatever, it’s just a song,” said me, to myself.

Whatever Cee Lo is doing, it’s working. He just took home the award last night at the Soul Train Awards for best Male R&B artist. Also, his song “F-ck You” was covered in the movie “The Muppets” by Camilla and the Chickens and now that flick has grossed $42 million at the box office since it’s release last Wednesday and the soundtrack is in the top 10 on iTunes, so basically, Cee Lo Geen is cashing in on some Cee Lo GREEN, as in money. Get it, because his last name is green…

Anyways! Cee Lo Green got into some loose talk with the January edition of Q magazine where he talked owning guns, getting shot at, and wanting a face tattoo!

“Oh, I definitely have a few guns,” says Cee Lo, “I’m all about self-preservation. One for the car, one for the home, another for the wife and kids. Well, the ex-wife and kids.”

“Have I ever been shot at? Yes. Shot at, but never shot,” admits Cee Lo.

He says if he ever returned to his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia he’s sure he would be shot at again. “I come from an environment where it’s very common, shootings and violence…If I went back there, at home, in the neighborhood, I could probably get shot at today! I’m pretty sure I could get shot at just as soon as I pulled up!”

He also adds that he wanted a massive Mike Tyson-esque face tattoo, “There was a time when I wanted to get my entire face done, just get something really wild. That is a commitment and it’s a way to say I can truly take the pain. It’s quite a statement.”

Did you know Cee Lo Green was such a bad boy?