What Cee-Lo Thinks About Gwyneth and Grammy Noms

December 2, 2010 By:
What Cee-Lo Thinks About Gwyneth and Grammy Noms

Cee-Lo was nominated this morning for seven Grammys--a pretty amazing feat, seeing as though the only other two artists who got as many nods were Bruno Mars and Eminem.

Hollyscoop talked EXCLUSIVELY with the "Forget You" singer, who told us "everything is happening so fast.".

"Everything is great," Cee-Lo said of his reent career resurgence. "I feel very fortunate, I’m having a lot of fun with the record. I’m working harder than I have in a long time, It’s all in good reason.".

As for his controversial song (which is really titled "F**k You") about an ex, Cee-Lo says he never knew it would become such a hit. "It wasn’t mean to be a radio song initially," he explained. "It really took a life of its own, I had no idea it would become what it is today.".

So will he really be singing the song live at the Grammys? He's ready to do it if need be! He told us, "I would feel very gratified in doing it again. I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet."

"At this point its just a privilege to perform either of the versions," he added. "They are all alternatives and equally great. Of course I prefer the original, I’m an adult, I prefer adult entertainment. Everybody will be watching the Grammys so Ill do the one that is appropriate for everyone which is probably the cleaner one.


We kid, we kid.

We couldn't help but ask Cee-Lo what he thought of Gwyneth Paltrow covering "Forget You" on Glee. "I was pleasantly surprised and impressed," he said. "I had no idea she was a vocalist in the least bit. She did a great job."

So what's next for Cee-Lo? If he has anything to say about, Prince will be involved. Yes, the Prince. He told us the iconic singer is his dream collaboration. "I got a chance to perform with Prince in Vegas and we became friends," he said. "If I could call myself his friend. We haven’t done anything musically and I would like to do that if given the chance."

That sounds pretty freaking amazing!