Celine Dion Cancel Concert In China

April 2, 2008 By:
Celine Dion Cancel Concert In China

This might upset Celine Dion fans in China. Celine Dion had to cancel her concert in China because the lazy concert organizers forgot to obtain official permission to have the concert. That didn't stop them from selling a bunch of tickets though.

Dion was supposed to perform at the Workers Stadium in front of 64,000 people on April 13, but that won't be the case.

Her spokesperson tells Chinese newspaper the Beijing Evening News, "(The concert organiser) had sold more than 10,000 tickets, having not carried out the approval process.

"Celine Dion will solve (the issue) through legal channels."

Don't worry though because chances are that Celine will announce a new concert date and that's not stopping her from going to China. She will be in Beijing in April for a promotional even forthcoming the Olympic Games which are set to take place in August.