Cher Is Back Again

February 7, 2008 By:

Cher is back! Ya I know isn’t it like the 5th time she’s coming back after retiring? Cher is planning on returning back to stage on May 6 at the Coliseum in Las Vegas' Caesars Palace. Move over Celine Dion, Cher is taking your spot. She will perform 4-shows a week till October.

Cher told USA Today, "Getting the whole thing in book form, in pictures, has taken months. Our set moves down from the ceiling, in from the sides, up from the floor. We have screens in the foreground, the center and the back. We can change a city into a forest in two seconds. You'll see a different stage for every song."

I would love to see Cher on stage. She’s definitely one of those fun people that knows how to work the crowd.

Cher was also on Good Morning America this morning. Check out the click from the show.