Cher to Go on Tour and Release New Album in 2012

January 6, 2012 By:
Cher to Go on Tour and Release New Album in 2012

She’s just jealous because Madonna is doing it too. Cher hasn’t released a new album since 2001, when she put out “Living Proof” and she famously declared that that album would be her last tour ever, heck she even named it “The Farewell Tour.”

Well, it seems like leotards and leather jackets are in style again, because Cher made the announcement a few months ago that she was working on a new album and now she’s even hinted at doing a tour along with it.

65-year-old Cher, who impressively learned how to tweet, and I’m not an ageist, I’m just saying my mom can’t even pronounce twitter (“uh twit? Tweedle? Twizzlers?) has been tweeting up a storm about her possible upcoming tour.

When a fan asked if her new album was finished she wrote, “God no, but it will b out this year, maybe to coincide with (X Our Fingers) Tour?!”

Cher hinted over the summer at a duet with Lady Gaga called “The Greatest Thing” and while it was supposed to drop in September and then it was supposed to drop in October and now it’s January and many are wondering when they heck we’re going to hear the most anticipated song in the world?! Cher says, “get in line” as in, she has no idea when it’s out either.

She tweeted at a fan who wondered when the song was coming out, “I’m going to say this & hope it sticks! I did MY VOCAL ! IT’S OUT of MY HANDS!”

Anyways, 2012 might see a duet with Cher and Lady Gaga, it will definitely see a new Cher album (at some point) and “fingers crossed” she’ll also go on tour again. And that is the news today in baby boomer pop stars!