Cher Invites Musicians To Live With Her

July 5, 2011 By:
Cher Invites Musicians To Live With Her

Cher has teamed up with violin virtuoso Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar to create a music school for young Arab-Israeli musicians called Polyphony. The school focuses on teaching classical music to kids ages 10 to 16 and bring together Arab and Israeli musicians.

The students are currently touring the United States and Cher herself has let the kids stay at her LA home. At first the kids confused her home for the set of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but then someone netflixed “Burlesque” and they were slightly less confused about this strange woman running their music school.  

Cher recently held a charity event at her Malibu home to benefit the Polyphony Foundation where the music students performed. Cher said, “When I listen to these young people, I know that they’re standing and a spirit is coming through them. It’s pureness.”

Cher: Fostering talented youth since 2011.