Cher's Twitter Confirms Duet with Gaga (We Think?)

August 1, 2012 By:

Cher and Lady Gaga, supreme mistresses of pop music, giant heels and insane hair, actually did recorded a duet titled “The Greatest Thing”.

The song will be a re-do of a track dropped from Gaga’s album The Fame Monster called “Greatest (Thing To Me)”.

The collab has been rumored since last year, and Cher just confirmed its existence on her hieroglyphic Twitter:

@cher: think ALL SONGS R Great so Far& I'm not Big Fan!GREAT Writers!GAGA IS MAJOR&Her VOCAL IS AMAZING!KUK Heard TGTLast nite 4 1st Time & FREAKED
Though linguists are still hard at work on a full translation of this, it seems to affirm that the ladies have both indeed contributed vocals to “TGT” and everyone is EXCITED AND FREAKED AND MAJOR.

I’m hoping there will be less autotune and more Cher bellows in the new version, but I’ll have to wait ‘til October to see.