Cheryl Cole vs. Victoria Beckham

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Cheryl Cole vs. Victoria Beckham

Cheryl Cole is a huge name in the UK, but now that she’s been confirmed as a judge on America’s version of X-Factor, she’s about to become bigger. Just how big? Victoria Beckham big!

These two fashionistas have so much in common, you’d think they were sisters from another mother. But don’t tell them that. There’s been some beef brewing between these two for years. So just how alike are they?

Married Life and Scandals

They both married soccer stars and had to deal with public scandals. Cheryl Cole’s ex husband Ashley Cole cheated on her on more than one occasion. They met in 2004, got engaged in 2005 and by 2008 she was dealing with her first cheating scandal.

She forgave him after the first public cheating scandal, but put her fashionable foot down (I’m assuming she was wearing Louboutin’s at the time) during his second scandal. She finally divorced him in May of 2010.

Victoria Beckham had to deal with a similar scandal herself when a hooker claimed David Beckham hired her for a night of trashtastic fun back in 2010. Becks denied the whole incident, took the hooker and Life & Style magazine to court for printing the story, but ultimately lost the case. A couple months later Victoria announced she was pregnant again and we all forgot about the hooker.

These two used to be besties, but had a falling out after Victoria didn’t lend her support to Cheryl during the Ashley cheating scandal. “She [Victoria] was in my hotel room during the World Cup—we’ve had barbecues together—so I was quite shocked by that,” shrieks Cheryl, according to the Daily Mail. “I mean, David’s mum is friends with Ashley’s mum.”

They Both Shot to Fame in a Girl Band

Before they made headlines as famous WAG’s, they both got their start on UK girl bands. Victoria of course was one of the five Spice Girls and during the 90’s was one of the most famous female singers—despite the fact that she can’t really sing. When she married David Beckham, she was more famous than him! Hard to imagine it now, isn’t it? The Spice Girls briefly reunited in 2010 and went on tour. They all made a killing from the reunion and went back to their own lives after.

Cheryl on the other hand got her start on the UK band ‘Girls Aloud’. Known as Cheryl Tweedy (her maiden name) at the time, Cheryl was just 19 years old when she was chosen to be a part of the group. "I can hardly believe it," she said shortly after winning the show. Four months [ago] I was sitting in a council house drinking tea and watching Oprah Winfrey on television all day."

In July 2009 Girls Aloud announced that they were taking a year-long hiatus to pursue solo projects, but would reunite for a new studio album in 2010. So much for that! Simon Cowell just announced that Cheryl was chosen to be a judge on America’s X-Factor. California, here she comes!


Of course in between the scandals and careers, there’s the fashion! Both Victoria and Cheryl are infamous for their flawless sense of style, but who reigns supreme?

Aside from scoring a gig on X-Factor, Cheryl signed a global advertising deal with L’Oreal Paris in 2009 for a range of beauty products.

The sidewalk is her catwalk—Cheryl looks amazing every time she steps out of the house, so it doesn’t surprise me that when you Google “Cheryl Cole Style” you get 4.8 million results. The girl knows how to dress!

Victoria on the other hand has built an entire empire based on her sense of style. Topping almost every fashion list in the last decade, dresses from her line ‘Victoria Beckham’ are often seen on A-list stars like Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah, Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, Courteney Cox, Blake Lively and more. She’s even making the future Queen of England some dresses! Rumor has it that Kate Middleton has personally asked VB to send her samples of the new line. Now that’s impressive!

In Glamour magazine’s new list of best-dressed women of 2011, Cheryl got the number two spot, while Victoria dropped seven places to 15, but there’s no denying they’re both pretty damn fashionable.

The reminder of 2011 looks promising for both ladies, but VB is married to David Beckham so she wins by default. Kidding. Ok, I’m not.