Cheryl Cole Attacks Her Former X- Factor Mentee Cher Lloyd

February 16, 2012 By:
Cheryl Cole Attacks Her Former X- Factor Mentee Cher Lloyd

Cheryl Cole is throwing mad twitter shade at her former X-Factor protégé Cher Lloyd, well because Cher Lloyd dissed Cheryl Cole first.

Quick backstory: Cheryl Cole was a judge on the UK version of the X-Factor and for those of you who don’t watch The X Factor (firstly, congratulations on having free will) the format of the show is that each of the judges mentor a contestant. Cheryl Cole mentored this chick named Cher Lloyd, which is confusing because their names sound the same.

Anyways, now that Cher Lloyd is kind of a big deal in the UK, she’s giving radio interviews and biting the hand that fed her, aka, talking sh-t on Cole for lip-singing, even though Lloyd wouldn’t be famous at all without Cole and The X Factor.

So anyways, Cole writes this vague thing on twitter, which we can safely assume is directed at Lloyd.

Cole tweets, “Be Careful who you kick on your way up…They kick you twice as hard on your way back down. #unappreciationisugly.”

This message comes just a week after Lloyd mocked Cole in an interview. Lloyd was asked if she would ever perform with her old mentor, Cheryl Cole and Lloyd said, “Maybe, if she’d sing live with me.”

She also revealed that Cole hasn’t called her or contacted her since she left the talent show in 2010. “Cheryl understood me and helped me a lot and so it’s sad that I haven’t heard from her,” says Lloyd, “But if she wants to give me a ring she can. If not, that’s fine too.”

So anyways, Lloyd thinks Cole can’t sing live and Cole thinks Lloyd is unappreciative, but maybe if Cole called Lloyd every once in a while she wouldn’t talk sh-t during radio interviews? Therapy session complete! Big hugs all around!