Girls Aloud Reuniting For Tour in 2012

June 1, 2011 By:
Girls Aloud Reuniting For Tour in 2012

When one door closes, another one re-opens?

After being unceremoniously fired from the US version of X-Factor, Cheryl Cole has decided to reunite with her old bandmates, Girls Aloud.

You know who’s happy about this news? The rest of Girls Aloud. “Yeah, we get to work again!”

The reasoning why she was fired from X-factor is unsure, however one of the official statements is that her accent is too thick for American audiences.

Thanks to America for being too dumb to understand a British accent (Note to X-factor producers: it’s the same language, we can handle it) Cheryl and the rest of Girls Aloud will be touring again in 2012.

She is putting the X-factor incident behind her and doing what she does best, being a performer. Suck on that X-Factor, Cheryl Cole was meant to be on the stage performing, not sitting behind a giant desk and saying things like, “It’s a yes from me.”

Are you excited to see Girls Aloud on tour again?