Why Simon Cowell Replaced Cheryl Cole with Nicole Scherzinger

May 26, 2011 By:
Why Simon Cowell Replaced Cheryl Cole with Nicole Scherzinger

Cheryl Cole is the hottest British import to cross the pond in years. Her fashion sense is impeccable, her smile is contagious and her body is to die for. So you can imagine how excited we were when we found out UK’s sweetheart is going to be on US grounds.

But just weeks after Simon Cowell announced that Cheryl was joining X-Factor, she’s already been replaced. What happened?

Nicole Scherzinger was set to co-host the show with Steve Jones, but as of yesterday, Cheryl is out as a judge and Nicole is in. And the reason for the switcheroo?

Apparently Cheryl’s strong North Eastern British accent is too difficult to understand. Another problem was her lack of chemistry with Paula Abdul. Of course that translates into ‘Paula didn’t want to sit next to someone so much hotter and younger than her’.

The Guardian newspaper claims that American audiences might have trouble understanding Cheryl's dialect, struggling to understand that when she said "Ya dazzlin, pet. Keep gannin like that and yazall be a star."

Uh come again?! What she meant was "you are doing very well, keep going and you will be a star."

Cheryl won over audiences in the UK version of X-Factor so Simon naturally thought she would be a great fit for the US version of the show. But that thought was short lived.

Are you disappointed that Cheryl is no longer a part of the show? Do you think Nicole will be a good fill in? Tell us your thoughts!