Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake Involved in BET Awards Mixup

June 27, 2011 By:
Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake Involved in BET Awards Mixup

Awkward television moment at the 2011 BET awards courtesy of live television.

During last nights telecast of the BET awards three superfans were unlucky enough to present the failed viewers choice award.

The fan presenter was about to announce the viewers choice award winner when some voice from offstage was yelling at her, “read it straight,” and the poor girl probably had no idea what that meant so she squinted at the teleprompter and announced the winner as, Chris Brown, however as the audience cheered she still looked confused and finally said, “I’m sorry, Rihanna” as the audience half “ohhhh’d” and half cheered.

Then as the camera operators cut away to a shot of the audience because they probably weren’t sure who they should zoom in on at this point, the other presenter leans in and says “Ok, this is awkward, the winner is Drake.”

And that wasn’t exactly true either because Drake was only picking up the award on behalf of Rihanna who couldn’t be at the ceremony. But wait, that wasn’t true either, at the end of the show, host Kevin Hart announced that Chris Brown had indeed won the Viewers choice Award – not Rihanna and Drake.

Later, a BET producer took to twitter to set the record straight that he messed up and Chris Brown did win.

Of all two people to screw up at an awards show? Rihanna and Chris Brown? Really? The two exes with a history of domestic violence? Really BET? Really? I’m surprised Chris Brown wasn’t angrily tweeting from his seat at the show’s producers.