Chris Brown and Bow Wow Drop at Least 15K on Strippers

October 13, 2011 By:
Chris Brown and Bow Wow Drop at Least 15K on Strippers

Chris Brown and Bow Wow visited a strip club last week in Miami and spent at least 15K on several strippers.

Welcome to America Chris Brown. We had been wondering when you were going to start making it rain over scantily clad women. He already has a mugshot, so he kind of worked backwards actually, it was only a matter of time before the 22 year-old R&B star was on the receiving end of a lap dance from a woman named "Bubbles."

Brown and Bow Wow stopped by the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami last Wednesday - the largest strip club on the planet - and sources at the club say that the boys gave each dancer $5000 in tips. They gave at least three girls that very generous paycheck.

Hey, who ever said Chris Brown didn't know how to treat a woman? $5000, that's like some strippers wardrobe budget for an entire year. Do you know how many rhinestone thongs and matching nipple tassels she can buy with that?

In addition to dropping five thousand bones on one stripper, the dudes also made it rain $1 bills over the whole club. The floor was carpeted in $1 dollar bills. It was like a money tree got chopped down. It was like a rich persons carpet. It was like someone took a leaf blower to the Federal Reserve.

The dudes also bought bottles and bottles of alcohol for their entourage.

That's not the only lavish activity of the night. Brown had a two-story cake created in honor of Team Breezy. The cake was covered with photos of Chris Brown and his album artwork and was lined in Swarovski crystals.

Can you eat Swarovski crystals? Did they have to pick them off before consuming the cake? Can a rich person email me concerning the etiquette when eating Swarovski covered cakes? I guess this is a rich person problem.

Chris Brown's reps confirmed that Chris Brown was indeed at King Of Diamonds strip club and that it was the after party for a stop on Chris Brown's F.A.M.E tour.

I bet those strippers were glad they showed up to work that day.

This is not the first time that Chris Brown was the subject of strip club rumors. While this incident at Kong of Diamonds actually happened, two years ago Brown was stated to have visited a strip club in NYC where he was serenaded by 86 different strippers. However, that actually never happened, his reps shot down the allegations immediately.

"Chris never frequented a strip club while in NYC; he was at Greenhouse which is not a topless club."