Chris Brown and David Banner's New Track, "Amazing"

May 7, 2012 By:
Chris Brown and David Banner's New Track,

Breezy’s got a new track!

After their hard hitting club anthem, “Get Like Me,” Chris Brown and David Banner have teamed up again. This time they’d like to tell you how good they are in the bedroom with a tune “Amazing.”

“I be going ham, I be going crazy, I be going hard, hard enough to have a baby,” Brown proclaims.

This is a little weird – and likely untrue on a biological level – but the song will get you grooving (and maybe in the mood).

Where “Get Like Me” bumped a confident base line, “Amazing” soars with synths and an effected sound that roller coasters throughout.

“Amazing” will be featured on Banner’s anticipated album Sex, Drugs and Video Games, written “Grand Theft Auto” typeface on the cover. "Amazing" skips mentioning the latter two topics in the album title.

“They tell me I’m amazing, they go ‘Oh,’” Brown sings.

We’ll have to take his word for it, but his confidence is reassuring.

As part of a growing trend in the industry, the album will be available as a free download, with a suggested donation.

Banner is asking 2 million people to donate a minimum of $1 each. With the donations, he plans to create music, videos, movies, and some charitable donations for urban culture as a positive influence. He is dubbing the movement 2M1.

Some parents may ask, “How is ‘Sex, Drugs, and Video Games’ a positive influence?” but we’re not going there.

Sex, Drugs and Video Games will be available May 22.