Chris Brown and His Horrific Album Covers

August 7, 2014 By:
Chris Brown and His Horrific Album Covers
Image By: Michael Buckner

Chris Brown posted a picture on his Instagram this week with the artwork for his forthcoming album X, which will be released on September 16th. 

Chris took to Instagram again last night to confirm the official album cover for X.

What do you think? Kind of weird, right? Plus the picture is an old one from his bleached blonde hair days. 

The red X splashed across his picture is corny, but it's still not as corny as his previous album covers. Let's take a look.


Chris Brown (2005)

Jive Records

So. Corny. The mic for the "I" in Chris Brown, the FEDORA, the outfit. We'll give him a pass for this one since it was his first album, and it was 2005.


Exclusive (2007)

Jive Records

Wow, even CORNIER. Looking back into the distance with his jacket over his shoulder... *Cringing*


Graffiti (2009)

Jive Records

W.T.F. Why are there cartoons in the right-hand corner? We didn't think he could get cornier…but he just outdid himself.


F.A.M.E. (2011)

Jive Records

This is by far the worst thing we've ever seen. Who approves these album covers? 


Fortune (2012)

Jive Records

Okay, now this one we can work with…sort of. "Fortune" in different languages in the background? AGH. 


His horrific album covers may be part of his brand, we'll never know. But we kind of hope they just keep getting worse.