Chris Brown Has Been Banned from the UK

October 7, 2011 By:
Chris Brown Has Been Banned from the UK

Because Chris Brown is technically a criminal, his visa was denied when he tried to enter the UK to perform at the Michael Jackson tribute gig this weekend.

Brown was lined up to perform at the tribute show but they turned him away because of his criminal history. Brown was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community service for assaulting Rihanna in 2009. So you know, leaving the country after serving only two years of your probation is probably a no-go.

His managers suggested that he perform as a hologram at the concert. Beyonce is performing as a hologram because she's getting a little TOO pregnant. Since Beyonce didn't want to back out of her commitment to the show she decided to be beamed in via satellite.

However, the show's producers decided against it, a source tells the Daily Mirror, "It would put a negative slant on the day. The family wants to make sure the show is a fitting tribute to Michael."

Well, after Chris Brown's VMA performance this summer, he proved that he's really only good at lip syncing and flying. So yah, the tribute show isn't missing much by cutting Chris Brown from the lineup.

So, at this point, who IS performing at the Michael Jackson Tribute show? Chris Brown can't even get into the United Kingdom. Black Eyed Peas also cancelled. KISS was kicked out of the concert after negative comments towards Michael Jackson. Beyonce is performing via Hologram. So who the heck is actually doing the show?

The concert is this Saturday at the MIllennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. So far the "headliners" are Cee Lo Green, Christina Aquilera, and Smokey Robinson. It's basically an episode of "The Voice" plus Smokey Robinson.

Other performers include Jackson's siblings; Marlon, Tito, Jackie and LaToya. I don't even really know which siblings they are? Which ones stands closest to Michael Jackson on the album covers for The Jackson Five? And Janet Jackson isn't even performing. I'm slowly loosing confidence in the success of this show.

This is not the only drama surrounding the concert. Jackson's brothers Jermaine and Randy have called the event, "inappropriate" since the show clashes with the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

That's not all. The show's organizers originally announced that you could watch the show online via facebook. Fans had to cop up a $4 fee to watch the show streaming online. However, they had to cancel that too. Apparently they didn't get licences from the publishers of the songs that will be performed at the event and have to refund fans that have already paid.

I won't be surprised if the entire event is cancelled and they just play hologram versions of old Michael Jackson videos.