Chris Brown Leaks "Oh Yeah!" and "See Through"

April 3, 2012 By:
Chris Brown Leaks

Apparently Chris Brown doesn’t want anyone to buy his next album, “Fortune” when it comes out in May, because he’s been tweeting out all his new songs for free!

Chris just released two new songs, “Oh Yeah!” and “See Through” and while they are pretty good songs, they really can’t compete to his recent hits like “Beautiful People” and “Look at Me Now.”

Chris Brown has largely kept his rap career and his R&B career separate. Up until now, Chris’s rapping has been confined to the internetz with free leaks of freestyle mixtapes, but now Chris is rapping and singing on both these slow jams like a pro! Who does he think he is? Nick Minaj?

“Oh Yeah!” is a better song than “See Through” but I’m always going to confuse it with his other hit, “Yeah 3x.”

“See Through” is kind of boring. I just listened to it and already forgotten everything about it. Who are we talking about? Usher? Bieber? Oh yeah, Breezy.

Chris has also been following in Rihanna’s footsteps, and by that I mean, over-tweeting. He just tweeted out the cover-art for his “Sweet Love” single that features three faceless models with Chris dressed like a GQ model. He also showed off some pics of a bunch of girls mooning the camera with “Breezy” written on their asses.

Don’t believe me? Check his instagram account.

The album comes out on May 5th, but I’m sure Chris Brown will have tweeted out the whole thing before then.