Chris Brown Premieres 'How I Feel' Video

March 9, 2012 By:
Chris Brown Premieres 'How I Feel' Video

Chris Brown has finally addressed all the haterz. He's opening up about the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama, his poor public image, and his pseudo comeback and he's doing in all through song! This is JUST like Glee!

Actually Chris Brown just released a free song online called “How I Feel.” It's not off his upcoming album and it's one of the few times that we hear the R&B crooner rapping.

Yeah, it's a rap song, and not a singer-turned-rapper song like when Justin Bieber rapped and it sounded like a chipmunk doing slam poetry, this is a pretty damn decent rap music, and I should know a thing or two about rap music, I'm a white girl and I have “Watch The Throne” on my ipod.

Breezy rolls off lyrics like, “Live my life with no regrets, I try to show respect but you don't give it, but I guess you don't understand women.”

I think the YOU he is referring to is the general public. This song is Chris' response to his recent media backlash.

“It might take me a lifetime to take it back,” he raps, “it might take you a lifetime to know the facts.”

He also adds: “I'll never do a 60 minutes interview, cuz all you wanna do is twist my words up. And all I wanna do is throw my birds up.”

I think he's referring to throwing up the middle finger and not actually throwing real birds around, but wouldn't that be crazy if he did! Lolz.

Chris closes his rhyme with, “Imma keep living my life from day to day, learn from my mistakes.”

What do you think of this song? Can we talk about how Chris Brown is a really good rapper? Does that make him “okay” now, or do we all still hate him because he beat-up Rihanna? #SeriousQuestions.

Chris Brown - How I Feel from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.