Chris Brown Sweeps the BET Hip Hop Awards - No Show to Pick Up Awards

October 12, 2011 By:
Chris Brown Sweeps the BET Hip Hop Awards - No Show to Pick Up Awards

The BET Hip Hop Awards were last night, and to everyone's NOT surprise, Chris Brown took home three awards last night for his collaboration song, "Look At Me Now." Chris Brown must be the golden child over at BET, because he was also the big winner at the BET Awards in June.

The "Look At Me Now" single also featured Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes and since Lil Wayne was also not at the show last night, Busta accepted the award of their behalf.

Chris Brown was probably too busy giving Kelly Rowland a lap dance to attend the awards show, so he sent this short tweet instead, "Thank you BET but most of all TeamBreezy" which is kind of a slap in the face to the music juggernaut that allowed Chris Brown to even have a comeback.

However, Chris Brown did film one of those Cypher videos, which is a segment of the awards show that feature rappers well, rapping. And because Chris Brown is trying to prove to everyone that he isn't just a pretty face that's good at doing body rolls, he wants everyone to know he's a low-key hood rat too.

Chris raps in his "Cypher" video alongside his Lil Wayne-wannabe friends, Ace Hood and Tyga. And not gonna lie, Breezy is really good. I actually watched it twice, and usually I find Chris Brown really annoying in the same way that I find animal videos on YouTube annoying.

Other winners from the night include Nicki Minaj, who was honored with the "Made You Look Award" which proves that the Teen Choice Awards is not the only awards show with really dumb award names. Nicki also won an award for "MVP of the Year." Which I hope stood for "Most Valuable Prosthetic (ass)"

One of Chris Brown's awards was the "Reeses Perfect Combo Award" which is supposed to be an award for best song collaborations, but is mostly just ridiculous product placement for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Lil Wayne scooped up a couple awards in addition to his collab single with Busta and Chris Brown. Lil Wayne was awarded Best Live Performer and Best Lyricist which is totally off-base. If they had a Best-use-of-cough-syrup-in-an-alcoholic-cocktail award, THAT award should have been given to Lil Wayne. But Best Lyricist? Really? "A milli/ A milli/ A milli" is good lyricism? But what do I know, I like Ke$ha.

Rookie of the year went to Wiz Khalifa. Makes sense, that stupid "Black and Yellow" literally dominated radio play. I would surf the radio hoping to find some Britney or Rihanna and that damn "Black and Yellow" was everywhere!

Jay-Z won "Hustler of the Year" and he deserves it. That guy is a mogul. Also he's everyone's favorite rapper, so...