Chris Brown "Turn Up The Music" Music Video

February 17, 2012 By:
Chris Brown

Chris Brown premieres the music video for his latest single “Turn Up The Music,” just in time to make everyone forget how much they can’t stand Chris Brown.

The video begins with Chris, drunk, slumped over in an alley way and sipping moonshine out of a paper bag. Then an “oldey timey” Taxi cab pulls up and Chris gets inside and tells the taxi driver to take him to “the best spot in town.”

The taxi driver obliges, but turns around and reveals he’s wearing a rabbit mask. Which is supposed to be very surprising to a drunk Chris Brown? Or at least the face that Chris Brown made when he saw the mask appeared to look like “surprise.”

Then it’s no longer “oldey timey” anymore and Chris is dancing in a normal looking club and everyone in the club is wearing an animal mask, like it’s an animal themed masquerade party, I guess? Verdict still out on why? Also, Chris Brown is dancing like his life depends on it, and maybe it does, either way, Chris has apparently sobered up by this point.

Also, whether you love or hate Chris Brown, you can’t deny he is arguably the best dancer in the entire pop music world. Would it be inappropriate to say he “beat up the dance floor?” Yes, very.

Did I mention yet that Chris Brown directed this music video? Yep, he co-directed it with Godfrey Tabarez, which is impressive.

“Music is FREEDOM! The video is out!!!” Chris wrote on his Twitter account, “Love you team breezy!!! #turnupthemusic.”

This is the lead single off Chris’s fifth studio album, Fortune.