How to Make a Hit R&B Video in 10 Easy Steps

June 7, 2013 By:

R&B videos are extraordinary. Through arduous on-screen labor, artists go above and beyond to pack on the cheese factor. Does it always make sense? Hell no. But it feels pretty good regardless. Here's an easy-to-follow guide if you want to have the next hit video in the world of R&B.

1. Choose a futuristic setting. The more lasers, the better.

(Chris Brown – “Fine China”)

2. If you take a bath, be really sad about it.

(Ciara – “Sorry”)

3. Always remember: silhouettes are awesome.

(Usher, featuring Pitbull – “DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love”)

4. Add a big booty.

(The-Dream – “IV Play”)

5. Show that big booty that she’s appreciated.

(Jason Derulo – “The Other Side”)

6. Add a Jacuzzi. No… a Jacuzzi on a yacht.


(Jay Sean, featuring Pitbull – “I'm All Yours”)

7. Use black-and-white flashbacks to help get the point across.

(Trey Songz – “Heart Attack”)

8. Keep telling yourself this isn’t ridiculous.

(Mariah Carey, featuring Miguel – “#Beautiful”)

9. Get undressed. If you’re not naked by the end of the video, something seriously went wrong.

(Lloyd – “Lay It Down”)

10. Call your friends and tell them how good you did.

(R. Kelly, featuring Usher – “Same Girl”)