Rihanna Says "I Love You" to Chris Brown on Remix to "Turn Up the Music"

February 21, 2012 By:

Earlier today the remix to Rihanna’s song “Birthday Cake” was released and featured super raunchy lyrics courtesy of former boxing partner ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. However, while everyone was busy freaking out over lyrics like, “I wanna lick the icing off” we all didn’t realize that Rihanna did her own remix to Chris Brown’s track, “Turn Up The Music."

Rihanna lent her vocal talents to Chris Brown’s hit dance track, “Turn Up The Music” by singing alongside him on the chorus and writing her own original hook, which includes her singing “I love you baby.”

Hold the press! Rihanna says, “I love you baby.” In the context of a song about “turning up the music” you can’t really interpret “I love you” any other way.

Also, is it coincidence that Rihanna and Chris Brown’s respective remixes on each others tracks drop simultaneously? I think not.

Chris Brown sings on Rihanna’s track, “Girl I wanna f-ck you right now” and Rihanna sings to him, “I love you baby.”

All I’m saying is, there’s some real Romeo and Juliet sh-t going on here. If Romeo and Juliet were two of the most controversial popstars of 2012.

While everyone continues to complain about Chris Brown, it’s obvious that Rihanna has forgiven him. We know they are openly making music together, but the rumor is that the two of them are also secretly romantically involved. Now with these explicit songs, it doesn’t seem so much of a rumor anymore, but probably actually happening.

Keep you eyes on their twitter accounts for what will undoubtedly be a string of lovey dovey tweets, followed by Chris Brown “addressing the haters,” followed by more cryptic tweets from Rihanna followed by one of them deactivating their twitter and announcing their joint world tour.