Chris Daughtry Tweets Six-Pack Abs

September 6, 2012 By:
Chris Daughtry Tweets Six-Pack Abs

Celebs use social media as a means to get intimate with their fans.

Chris Daughtry takes that formula literally in a shirtless pic posted on the 32-year-old singer’s Twitter account @CHRIS_Daughtry. Apparently his strong pipes have some hidden assistance in the diaphragm department.

“Just left the gym! After 5 yrs of neglect, I’m PUMPED to see AB’s again! Hard word and commitment is paying off!” he tweeted, managing to fit his tight frame in 140 characters for his 438,093 followers.

He also tweeted, “Since the Lifehouse tour in 2010, I’ve lost 23 pounds, but some of that was muscle. I had to refocus my food intake and mix up my routines.” Will “Men’s Health” be knocking on Daughtry’s dressing room door anytime soon?

On maintaining his new physique, he also tweeted, “It wasn’t until a few months ago that I REALLY got serious and motivated. Now there’s no going back!”
So yeah, there is something sort of laughably MySpace-y about its gritty cell-phone-pointed-casually-at-a-mirror quality taken by a father of four, but whatever, he looks good.

Daughtry, whose been providing the soundtrack for frat house day drinking since his “American Idol” runner-up fame, recently released a new deluxe edition of their “Break the Spell” album from last year. It includes a DVD with concert and behind-the-scenes tour footage.