Chris Daughtry Being Sued By Former Bandmates

April 9, 2012 By:
Chris Daughtry Being Sued By Former Bandmates

Chris Daughtry is being sued by his former bandmates! The gist of the lawsuit is that Chris recorded four songs before he went on American Idol and formed new band, Daughtry, and now those old band-members are suing him for profits he’s withholding from them.

It seems to me like Chris Daughtry got famous and forgot the little people that helped him along the way, just saying!

The three former bandmembers, of the group Absent Element, say they wrote songs with him and now they aren’t getting any money from proceeds from the song.

The guys accuse Daughtry of “constructive fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practices, and other deceptive and wrongful conduct.”

Most of those words, I have no idea. Fiduciary? C’mom man, this is a blog!

Anyways, instead of apologizing, Daughtry wrote on his blog, “I am very hurt by these false accusations. The songs listed in this lawsuit were written solely by me and no one else and at this time, I have no further comment.”

Someone’s definitely gotten a big (bald) head post American Idol! Who knows if the former bandmembers are lying or if Daughtry is?

Either way, drama!