Christina Aguilera "Your Body" Music Video

September 28, 2012 By:

She’s back.

Christina Aguilera premiered the visually striking video for “Your Body” today, the first single from her next album Lotus.

At it’s start a disclaimer flashes proclaiming “No Men Were Harmed in the Making of This Video,” before leading us into the diva’s colorful five-minute onslaught of picking up dudes at bars, motels, convenience stores, the sides of desert highways and chewing them up, spitting them out, and leaving them for dead in graveyards of glitter and confetti. Cheeky, Christina.

There’s a slightly bamboozling segment where the jezebel has a hookup with a pool hall hottie in a bathroom stall that ends with teal blood/paint Jackson Pollock splatter on all four walls that just looks like misguided art direction. But this is the world premiere of a Christina Aguilera music video. Not the Guggenheim.

"I don't think I've ever done a video using so much color and freedom and fun," Christina told MTV News. "There's some unexpected twists and turns. There's cars blowing up, but it's really done in a very fun and playful, tongue-in-cheek way, in almost a comedic sense, if you will. And I had such fun playing that character."

What she also murdered in the process? That Terminatrix Bionic look the singer was going for that felt way too derivative of Gaga when she was at her Fame Monster peak. Instead, Christina is braided back into all kinds of badass-bandanna-“Dirrty” in skin-tight Jersey Shore glam get ups. Personally, I like my XXX-tina looking like a Trailer Park Barbie (or is that just a Bratz doll?) and consider it a mini return to form. She looks more confident than ever.

Wisely, she chose director Melina Matsoukas to package it all together in “Your Body.” The video is like a demented bag of Gummi Bears—exploding with juicy flavor, retro-cool finishes (that Nintendo Advantage had me feeling all kinds of warm nostalgia), and sugar-coated fun.

"I was very drawn to [Melina’s] work…It looked like she really caught a character and drew it out of them and really had a story to tell,” Christina said of playing her own version of Candywoman to Candyman. “You know, not needing or wanting or using a lot of background dancers or gimmicks or things like that."