Christina Aguilera Squeezes Herself into a Leotard at Michael Jackson Tribute

October 10, 2011 By:
Christina Aguilera Squeezes Herself into a Leotard at Michael Jackson Tribute

So obviously leotards are the costume of choice for all pop stars nowadays. Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna, Madonna, Gaga...they all wear leotards when they perform, but there are some artists that just don't know that they can't pull off that look. Christina Aguilera is one of those people.

Aguilera's weight has taken more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. She's currently in the "up" part. Christina Aguilera was one of the headliners at the Michael Jackson Tribute concert this weekend in Wales and shocked audiences with her wardrobe choice.

She wore fishnet stockings, a black leotard with corset and a tiny jacket that didn't give her any coverage. The outfit was very unflattering and just too tight. Also her blonde hair extensions looked like they were ran through the dryer and maybe a family of birds took residence in her hair. Maybe she was going for a "rock n roll" look, but It just wasn't happening for her.

Thankfully her performance of Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" was a hit. The song, a very sad song and a song that has no business being sung by someone in a leotard, was one of Michael Jackson's favorite songs.

She did change into a better outfit for her second set. She adjusted her hair, or maybe got an entirely new weave during intermission and then returned to the stage in a long sleeved black dress with a large leather belt strategically placed around her mid section.

Still, she kind of looked like that X-Tina drag queen I saw getting on a bus in West Hollywood one time. But from the bits and pieces of youtube videos that have surfaced from the Michael Forever show, she proved she could sang! Besides, when you are one of 40,000 people at that show, most likely you were sitting approximately 1 mile from the stage and had no idea that Aguilera no longer looks like a pixie stick.

Can someone get Chris Crocker to make a youtube video for "LEAVE CHRISTINA ALONE"? I think she needs one.

However, Christina's curves weren't the only things causing drama at the show. After the Black Eyed Peas and Chris Brown were cut from the show. Jennifer Hudson was scheduled to perform up until the day of the show, backing out the same day. The only clues into J-Hud's departure was what she wrote on Twitter, "To my uk fans that were coming to the mj show in wales. I will no longer be attending due to major production issues."